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If you want to know how to grow strong and healthy crops in an easy and convenient way, look no further than our UK hydroponic nutrients. Here at Plant Magic Plus we pride ourselves on producing only the very best nutrients and additives that naturally encourage plant development and restore plant health.

Good hydroponic nutrients will accelerate the growth of your crop more than soil-based fertilisers. What’s more, your plants will usually grow to be bigger because they don’t have to work as hard to get nutrients from their soil. Even plants with small root systems will grow to be taller and more fruitful!

Boost Fertility in Your Garden

Our products will improve the fertility of your garden by increasing microbial activity. This important activity brings together the beneficial bacteria and fungi that help your flowers to develop as they should do. It also means that your new crops will get just the right amount of major nutrients, macronutrients and trace elements, too.


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Our fertilisers don’t just stimulate growth and development, they’re also easy and convenient for you to use. Changing your pH with phosphoric acid can be a difficult and extremely time consuming process — it can even have a negative effect on the NPK balance in your nutrient solution. But all of our nutrients can be used with both hard and soft water,

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Our commitment is to provide products that will increase soil fertility, nutrition and microbial activity, bringing together many elements from nature; from beneficial fungi and bacteria to natural stimulants. Our products will 'promote healthy plant growth' far better than nature itself could ever hope for.

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