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  • 19 Sep Preventing Pests and Diseases

    Preventing Pests and Diseases

    Pests and Diseases, Microbes, watering,

    Posted By: Plant Magic

    The idiom goes ‘prevention is better than cure’ and is touted by professionals across the board from dentists to mechanics, and gardening is no different. As with all things health related, prevention far outweighs cure, as by the time a cure is needed, damage has already happened. So when it comes to gardening, how can you prevent pests...

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  • 19 Jul DWC - Aerate those roots!

    DWC - Aerate those roots!

    Posted By: Plant Magic

    Deep Water Culture (DWC) is one of the simplest methods of growing hydroponically because there’s no timer to set and no chance of under or overwatering, as long as you don’t let the grow system run out of nutrient solution you can be pretty certain of a huge crop! DWC Systems include an air pump and air stone which mix the nutrient...

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  • 20 Jun Foliar Feeding - a simple tool for every gardener

    Foliar Feeding - a simple tool for every gardener

    pH, watering, Additives,

    Posted By: Plant Magic

    Foliar feeding is often talked about by all types of gardeners, and nutrient companies will give instructions for using certain products in a foliar feed. What is so different about foliar feeds and why should they be an important part of your gardening regime? What are foliar feeds? Foliar feeds are liquid fertiliser solutions designed to be...

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  • 18 May Why are plants green?

    Why are plants green?

    Posted By: Plant Magic

    Why are Plants Green? A plant needs sunlight, carbon dioxide, minerals and water to make food for the plant, through the process of photosynthesis. A green substance in plants called chlorophyll traps the energy from the sun needed to make food whilst also giving plants their green colour. Chlorophyll is mostly...

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  • 25 Apr NutricultureDGS Job Vacancy Alert!

    NutricultureDGS Job Vacancy Alert!

    Posted By: Plant Magic

    Job Title Product Manager  The Company We’ve been leaders in hydroponics and advanced gardening since 1976 and we continue to have ambitious growth plans. We’re looking to expand the Product Department to help us to achieve business growth by developing new products. The Role The focus is hydroponic products but you...

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  • 21 Apr Care for your roots – Get more shoots

    Care for your roots – Get more shoots

    Posted By: Plant Magic

    Roots are the most crucial element of a plants health and growth. Healthy roots encourage exceptional growth. They are the part often forgotten about as they are not visible, but should be at the forefront of every growers priorities. Treat your roots right and growing can become a much easier task, damaging your roots (e.g. by overwatering) can lead...

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  • 4 Apr UK Retailer Competition Alert!

    UK Retailer Competition Alert!

    Posted By: Plant Magic

    From now until 28th April we will be running a weekly prize draw for UK retailers who order box quantities of Plant Magic base nutrients. These lucky retailers will be entered into a weekly draw to win an experience day for up to 4 store members. Sounds good right? They will get to choose from go karting, paint balling, beer school and more!  So...

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  • 15 Mar Flush - For the perfect finish

    Flush - For the perfect finish

    Posted By: Plant Magic

    When your crop enters the last two weeks before harvest, it enters a critical phase, especially with regards to flavour. Some growers keep feeding until the last few days, some flush with plain water, some reduce feeding dramatically. We recommend using a specific flush product for the last week or two to give the crop the ideal finish with a great...

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  • 17 Feb The importance of base nutrients

    The importance of base nutrients

    Posted By: Plant Magic

    Base nutrients – complex, yet undervalued? Whether you’re growing in soil, coco or hydro, we often take base nutrients for granted and mostly concentrate on fancy products like PKs, boosters, stimulants and additives. But the base nutrient is the key nutrient your plant requires in the early stages of its life -  so it probably...

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  • 9 Jan PK's, Boosts and PK Boosts

    PK's, Boosts and PK Boosts

    Posted By: Plant Magic

    PKs, Boosters and PK Boosters During flowering plants change how they use energy and therefore the nutrients that are needed. The plant switches their focus from growing towards light, to creating fruits and flowers. The change in growth focus brings with it a switch in nutrient requirement. Changing the nutrients provided to the plant can dramatically...

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  • 16 Dec A basic guide to pH and EC and how they affect plants

    A basic guide to pH and EC and how they affect plants

    Science, EC, pH,

    Posted By: Tom

    When growing in soil, all the microbes (as well as the soil itself) help to make nutrients available to the plant. But when you take out the soil by growing hydroponically, all that unseen hard work by nature is now controlled by the grower. This can prove tricky, but when mastered can be extremely rewarding. What is pH? To explain pH, I’ll...

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  • 3 Feb Magnesium Nutrition in Plants

    Magnesium Nutrition in Plants

    When it comes to plant nutrition, you have three main nutrients (primary macronutrients), Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (the N, P & K on the label). After that comes the secondary macronutrients, Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur (Ca, Mg & S). Finally the trace elements of Copper, Zinc, Iron, Boron, Chlorine, Manganese, Molybdenum and Nickel...

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  • 21 May Vegetative Boosters

    Vegetative Boosters

    When you mention the word booster to many growers the first things they think of are flowering boosters, but just as important are boosters for the vegetative stage of growth. These help the plant to reach maturity faster, can increase the size of the root system and increase the number of new shoots on the plant. All of these things, along...

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  • 25 Apr Helpful tips for sowing seeds and watering your garden plants in soil

    Helpful tips for sowing seeds and watering your garden plants in soil

    Microbes, Planting, watering,

    Posted By: Tom

    Plants have been growing in soil long before humans started gardening. Plants had a myriad of ways to spread their seed, using animals, insects or even the wind. During this time seeds grew with no human interference and a balance of species thrived. So why now does it seem tricky to grow from seed? Why do we sometimes struggle with growing our plants?...

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  • 3 Apr Microbes - A gardeners best friend

    Microbes - A gardeners best friend

    Microbes, Nutrients, Organic,

    Posted By: Tom

    What are Microbes? Microorganisms are the smallest, oldest and most numerous organisms in the world. They do so much for us, yet struggle to be understood. They help to bake our bread and make our cheese, they (for the most part) stop us from becoming ill and make up to half the oxygen we breathe. We cannot see them with the naked eye, so for a...

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  • 27 Mar Pythium- The hydroponic plague

    Pythium- The hydroponic plague

    Pythium is a big problem when growing using hydroponic methods, especially when the summer approaches and grow room temperatures rise. But what is it, what causes it and how can it be stopped? Pythium infection of a rockwool cube in an NFT hydroponic tank…   What is Pythium? Pythium is name of a family of fungus-like...

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  • 18 Mar Flushing nutrients

    Flushing nutrients

      When your crop enters the last two weeks before harvest, it enters a critical phase. But amongst many growers an increasing sense of hesitancy creeps in as to what to give your plants. Some keep feeding up till the last few days, some flush with plain water, some reduce feed to minimal levels. An increasing number of growers are turning to...

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  • 12 Mar Propagating with Peat Plugs

    Propagating with Peat Plugs

    Soil, Seedlings, Peat Plugs,

    Posted By: Tom

    Propagation is the step every gardener goes through to get their crop ready for the coming year. The winter preparations have held back the frost and things are just starting to look up again as the days slowly get longer. Most of us reach for our trusty seed tray and sow even spaced seeds in a light compost. The seed tray is placed in the greenhouse,...

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