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  • 9 Oct Importance of Nitrogen Nutrition in Plants image

    Importance of Nitrogen Nutrition in Plants

    Soil, hydroponics, Seedlings,

    Posted By: Plant Magic

    Nitrogen is a macronutrient needed by plants for healthy growth, with uptake generally increasing as plants grow. A nitrogen deficiency is often the most common and most damaging to crop growers due to being a core component for a wide variety of plants. It ensures proper plant structure and efficient external and internal metabolic processes.   The...

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  • 5 Oct Pests and Diseases That Affect Carrots image

    Pests and Diseases That Affect Carrots

    Nutrients, Pests and Diseases, Soil,

    Posted By: Plant Magic

    Alongside aphid infestations, a common pest that affects most plants, carrots are also susceptible to a wide range of pests and diseases. Hydroponic nutrients provide everything plants need to be healthy and to provide bigger yields. Knowing how to grow carrots is essential so that any issues that arise are addressed as soon as possible and any...

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  • 6 Jul Growing a Herb Garden image

    Growing a Herb Garden

    Flushing, plant health, Seedlings,

    Posted By: Plant Magic

    Easy to grow and lovely to have in your home or outdoors, a herb garden is a great choice for hydroponics beginners and professionals alike. Whether you’d like to grow herbs from seeds or simply transplant cuttings for an indoor herb garden, you’ll need a few simple things like an adequate spot with plenty of sunlight. Make sure to feed...

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  • 12 Mar Propagating with Peat Plugs image

    Propagating with Peat Plugs

    Soil, Seedlings, Peat Plugs,

    Posted By: Tom

    Propagation is the step every gardener goes through to get their crop ready for the coming year. The winter preparations have held back the frost and things are just starting to look up again as the days slowly get longer. Most of us reach for our trusty seed tray and sow even spaced seeds in a light compost. The seed tray is placed in the greenhouse,...

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