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  • 9 Oct Importance of Nitrogen Nutrition in Plants image

    Importance of Nitrogen Nutrition in Plants

    Soil, hydroponics, Seedlings,

    Posted By: Plant Magic

    Nitrogen is a macronutrient needed by plants for healthy growth, with uptake generally increasing as plants grow. A nitrogen deficiency is often the most common and most damaging to crop growers due to being a core component for a wide variety of plants. It ensures proper plant structure and efficient external and internal metabolic processes.   The...

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  • 6 Aug Common Soil Problems…Soil Types and Texture image

    Common Soil Problems…Soil Types and Texture

    Soil, Nutrients, Planting,

    Posted By: Plant Magic

    Soil texture seriously affects your plants’ growth, interrupting the natural processes needed for cell growth and photosynthesis. If your soil isn’t properly maintained, or your nutrients aren’t at their best, then you won’t be able to grow a successful crop. Make sure to test your soil and make the necessary adjustments...

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  • 12 Jul Which Plants are Safe for Pets? image

    Which Plants are Safe for Pets?

    Soil, Beneficials, Planting,

    Posted By: Plant Magic

    Cats and dogs often chew on anything they can find, which can prove to be difficult when you’re growing a garden. Also make sure to only use bugicide that is safe for birds and bees. Some plants aren’t just harmful to your pets – they can cause fatal issues. Flowers can be very fragrant and attractive to your pets and must be kept...

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  • 18 Jun Growing a Vegetable Garden image

    Growing a Vegetable Garden

    Nutrients, hydroponics, Planting,

    Posted By: Plant Magic

    Growing your own vegetable garden can be very rewarding, as you’ll have delicious and fresh vegetables at hand for your meals. To ensure the best possible crops, you can use hydroponics to grow practically any vegetable, with vegetable boosts and other nutrients capable of being added for ultimate growth. Whether you need chilli feed or other...

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  • 21 May Vegetative Boosters image

    Vegetative Boosters

    When you mention the word booster to many growers the first things they think of are flowering boosters, but just as important are boosters for the vegetative stage of growth. These help the plant to reach maturity faster, can increase the size of the root system and increase the number of new shoots on the plant. All of these things, along...

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  • 25 Apr Helpful tips for sowing seeds and watering your garden plants in soil image

    Helpful tips for sowing seeds and watering your garden plants in soil

    Microbes, Planting, watering,

    Posted By: Tom

    Plants have been growing in soil long before humans started gardening. Plants had a myriad of ways to spread their seed, using animals, insects or even the wind. During this time seeds grew with no human interference and a balance of species thrived. So why now does it seem tricky to grow from seed? Why do we sometimes struggle with growing our plants?...

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