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What is a PK Booster? And How Do They Work?

What are PK Boosters?

PK’s Boosters are nutrient supplements containing Phosphorus and Potassium and are designed to be used throughout flowering periods of the plants’ growth.

PK boosters produce a chemical change within the plant which encourages them to hit the flowering stage earlier, because all energy is directed towards the end of stems which brings about rapid growth.
This increases the time flowers and fruits have to develop, helping to produce bigger, better yields!

So, what do Phosphorous and Potassium do for your plants?


Well Phosphorus is a part of the vital nutrients needed by all plants. It aids energy transfer in the flowering stage and strengthens cell formation. As a result, it improves quality and increases flower size, weight and potency!

What is a PK Booster?

As for Potassium, it creates chemical changes within the plant, speeds up growth and is responsible for plant’s quality and rigidity. It stimulates the plant to produce enough sugars which gives you a better tasting crop!
Potassium is essential to healthy flowering and fruiting in plants.

What is a PK Booster?


Benefits of using a PK boost

The major benefit of using a PK boost is that it encourages a plant to flower at a much earlier time than it would naturally.

A PK boost will also help growers to get larger buds and fruits for increased yields.
What’s more a PK boosters can improve the taste of your end product.

So, If you’re looking to develop a crop quicker than normal then a PK boost is a must.


We’ve got 3 PK boosters in our range. So, which is right for you?

Well there’s a few different factors that will affect your decision, such as your budget, and the target you have for your crop, but  here’s some information to help you choose:

Firstly, Plant Magic Bloom Boost PK is ideal for the easy-going or beginner grower. This is because the concentration level makes it more forgiving to use. The ratio is actually PK 8-10

What’s great about it is that it has added magnesium and sulphur to improve potassium uptake, prevent nutrient lock-out and increase production of oils and amino acids for a better-quality harvest.

If you’re on a tight budget but looking to improve your yields, then our Bloom Boost PK offer the offer a great balance between cost and improved yields.

For bigger and better crops though, we’d recommend Platinum PK 9/18, which is a premium PK booster. It increases yields hugely and improves the aroma, giving plants the best possible finish.
It’s much more highly concentrated than Bloom Boost PK and as a result less forgiving for growers, so it’s recommended for those of you with a little more experience.

What’s different from our Bloom Boost PK is that Platinum contains added amounts of Nitrogen, Sulphur, Bio-Stimulants and Amino Acids which combine to deliver visibly better results from your plants.

Here’s a tip, to improve your yields further, use Plant Magic along with your chosen PK boost to increase the number of flowering sites. Ignition is ideal for use throughout the bloom stage.

I’m growing organically, do I need a PK Boost?

Yes! And we’ve got you covered. The high potassium in our organic PK will increase BRIX levels, whilst the phosphorous helps the plant to regulate its energy use, so you’ll get a more bountiful and flavourful crop.

So that’s Plant Magic’s guide to PK boosters. We hope you found it useful.

For more information about PK boosters or any of the Plant Magic range, follow the links below:

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